8 Best Motherboards for i9-9900K

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While making a new system, one can easily get carried away and focus on the graphic portion of the build. This is especially the case if one is a gaming enthusiast. People tend to overlook an important aspect of the build that is the motherboard, choice in the motherboard greatly affects the running ability of the PC along with the functioning of games as well. This processor uses an LGA 1151 type so the best motherboard for i9-9900k should have the same socket.

The motherboard is especially a crucial part of the build if you have a 9th gen processor or are upgrading to one. Several things are to be considered while selecting the motherboard but the main thing to look at is the socket. The socket is the part where the CPU plugs into so the compatibility of the socket plays an important role.

Best Motherboard for i9-9900k

The best choice for the 9th gen processors in the intel i9 9900k. It may not be the latest chip but has great performance and overclocking potential. The i9-9900k clocks up to 5GHz on all cores with ease but this causes a lot of heat emissions. You must make sure that you have a good cooler to take care of the heat.

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None the less it is still one of the best gaming processors out there and it can be said that it eats games for lunch. But one does not buy the i9-9900k for only games, they buy it because it is the fastest processors around. To push this chip to the maximum of its abilities a compatible motherboard is a must.

Best Motherboard for i9-9900K 2021

Now that you are aware of why to buy a motherboard with the Z390 model, it is now time to decide which motherboard to buy. There are different products in the markets each having different components. It may be daunting to decide which motherboard to buy as there are multiple options available in the market but that is why I am here to discuss the options available.

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick
Asus ROG Strix Z390-E
Specifically designed for 8th & 9th gen processors, which means it supports i9-9900K out of the box. Check On Amazon
Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Ultra
It is an excellent motherboard with Fusion RGB, with a multizone LED light show design. Check On Amazon
ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming 9
It is one of the best motherboards for i9-9900k Intel processors, and it also has the best price. Check On Amazon
Best Overclocking Motherboard
EVGA Z390 Dark
Do you plan on overclocking? Then this is what you are looking for. Check On Amazon
ASUS ROG Strix Z390-I
It has so much in it not only because it has a low cost, but also because of the small size. Check On Amazon
Best In Budget
Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO
For a very long time, Gigabyte’s motherboards performed well, and each time they rock. Check On Amazon
Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro Wi-Fi
It has integrated Wi-Fi, which the previous motherboard doesn’t have. Check On Amazon
Gaming Motherboard
ASUS TUF Z390 Pro Gaming
The building components for this masterpiece are TUF components from the military-grade. Check On Amazon

Let’s read the detailed reviews of each product:

1. Asus ROG Strix Z390-E – Best Motherboard for i9 9900K

Asus has one of the best motherboards for i9-9900K overall, and it is with the name Asus ROG Strix. This motherboard features the Z390 Chipset and is rather expensive. But the price is justified given its multiple features, which are specifically designed for a better user experience. The best thing about this motherboard is its rock-solid bios with overclocking support.

It also features a preinstalled built-in Wi-Fi that can be used to avoid stuffing the motherboard with a lot of wires. This motherboard is specifically designed for 8th and 9th gen processors, which means it supports i9-9900K out of the box. There is a 5-way optimization system that is efficient for overclocking.

Asus ROG Strix Z390-E - Best Motherboard for i9 9900K
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth working out of the box.
  • Support for all 8th and 9th gen processors even for Celeron or Pentium.
  • Support for DDR4 SDRAM.
  • Build quality can be improved.
  • High price.

It also has a FanXpert 4 that drastically cools the system. If the size of the motherboard is a concern for you then note that it is a motherboard with an ATX form factor. It also provides built-in Wi-Fi and Aura sync features. Content creation such as video editing and motion graphics requires high-level graphics and sound quality, and this is the reason why this motherboard is equipped with a supreme Fx codec. Making it the best choice for i9-9900K and RTX 2080 Ti combo for good gaming and content creation purposes.

An HDMI port is present for second screen solutions so you can be able to connect an external monitor for external device display. This can especially come in handy if you have to work on various programs at once.

That finally brings us to the RAM portion of the board, this board supports a high 64 GB of RAM as there are only 4 RAM slots available for DDR4 2666+ MHZ SDRAM. Everything aside the board can run i9-9900K processor on all cores at 5GHz with ease.

2. Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Ultra

This motherboard uses an LGA 1151 socket and a Z390 Chipset, allowing the user easy installation for intel processors. Along with having an ATX form factor, but with a higher weight. The price value not so different from the one above.

The pricing can be checked on different shipping sites like Amazon. The only thing that wasn’t likable about this board was that the BIOS is not right, and might need to be upgraded, which may be a difficult task but is definitely worth doing.

Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Ultra
  • Stable VRM.
  • Direct Touch-heat piping on Chipset.
  • Best RGB.
  • Bios must be updated.
  • Price to performance ratio.

A great thing about this motherboard is the RGB design and lighting. It is an excellent motherboard with Fusion RGB, with a multizone LED light show design. It looks great and works great design-wise. Another awesome feature of this motherboard that we totally loved was its VRM, which delivers the best quality and helps in efficiently overclocking the CPU.

Everything works seamlessly to provide a professional experience this is mainly due to the constant delivery of power, which also allows the CPU to run more relaxed and faster provided a good experience for gaming, especially when the CPU is combined with a good graphics card like the RTX 2070 super, which this done.

This motherboard will surely prove to be one of the best motherboards for i9-9900k and RTX 2070 super.

3. ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming 9

So, the next motherboard on the list the ASRock Phantom Gaming 9. This product was not only chosen because it is one of the best motherboards for i9-9900k Intel processors, but it also has the best price.

ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming 9
  • Built-in Wi-Fi.
  • Fits easily in the case.
  • RGB LED works well.
  • Affordable price.
  • No automatic overclocking.
  • The 24-pin motherboard can be problematic.

Like the motherboards above, it comes with an LGA1151 CPU socket and can handle both 9th along with 8th gen intel processors, right out of the box. It can use Pentium and Celeron processors as well.

For RAM, it has four memory slots, in which we can install dual channel, DDR4 RAM for the best performance. The board can fit 64GB of RAM at max. It has a form factor of ATX.

The board issues DDR4 RAM memory type. This RAM enhances the performance and experience. The thing about this motherboard is that there is no need to update the BIOS, as the processor can be installed right out of the box and used.

4. EVGA Z390 Dark – Best Overclocking Motherboard for i9 9900K

Now, this is the perfect choice for over-clockers. Do you plan on overclocking? Then this is what you are looking for. The Dark EVGA motherboards are the front in the standing of their products. It has a class of its own due to the black color.

There are a lot of advantages to count and mention, and unfortunately, we cannot say TODAY. The best thing that we like about this motherboard, however, is its overclocking capacity. It has only two memory slots to provide you with what you need for better overclocking. On the motherboard, there are 2 Dual Channel DIMMs, both combined to give you a maximum of DDR4 RAM of 32 Gigs.

EVGA Z390 Dark - Best Overclocking Motherboard for i9 9900K
  • Perfect choice for Overclocking
  • Great Design
  • Creative Core3D Quad-Core Audio
  • 3 Dedicated Temperature Sensors for CPU, System, PWM.
  • No RGB flair
  • Highly Expensive

You get a CPU socket LGA 1151 that gives you the freedom to install processors of either the 8th or 9th generation, including i9 9900K. There are a total of seven USB 3.1 ports in the 2nd generation using the following criteria: five Type-A ports 1 Type-C 1 Type-C Header. And yes, if you own a device requiring type-C, this Type-C port proves to be practical in many ways.

The only downside we believe in is the memory slots no, which, as I mentioned above, are two. But if you understand this very clearly, it is advantageous, because more slots can make memory control stress, which ultimately does NOT overclock.

Who’s built for this product? In short, it is generally a perfect choice for those who like overclocking. Fewer memory slots but Max 32 Gigs RAM support gives you so much that you can best overclock.

What are further useful advantages? You receive 6 SATA ports, in addition to all the above technical features. If you have a wired in-house internet or LAN router, there are 2 Intel Gigabit Network Interface Cards to simplify your network needs.

5. ASUS ROG Strix Z390-I

You will be fascinated by this beast. It has so much in it not only because it has a low cost, but also because of the small size. That is why we list it for an i9 9900K as a compact motherboard. You get an LGA 1151 CPU socket on this motherboard.

ASUS ROG Strix Z390-I
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are integrated
  • Overclocking stability
  • Support for DRAM
  • Support of all GPUs
  • One USB 2.0 header
  • Fewer slots for memory

Like previous versions, Intel core processors can be built in the 8th and 9th generations. Also, Wi-Fi and DRAM have been installed.

Besides having an HDMI interface, over-current cooling for M2 and PCH is supported. It has also an I/O shield to make sure the installation is streamlined and stable.

The SupremeFX codec is designed to give you superior audio quality. It comes with two op-amps that give yourself an illusion of virtual reality while wearing a Gaming headset.

6. Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO – Best Budget Motherboard for i9 9900K

If you’re a gamer, this could be your best option, just like other huge gamers. For a very long time, Gigabyte’s motherboards performed well, and each time they rock. They have more space not only for PCIe slots and other ports but also are better for cooling.

The one we are addressing is the Gigabyte Z390 Aorus specialist, who has traveled on this trip. The motherboard is larger but budgetary on the market.

Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO - Best Budget Motherboard for i9 9900K
  • Supports 7 Fans
  • Magnetic Antenna included
  • Supports Windows 10 32 bit
  • Built-in Wi-Fi / Bluetooth 5.0
  • Bios can be improved

The black and orange color theme represents a quick and immense experience of gaming. It increases its elegance with RGB lighting. These are all physical attributes of beauty, but the competition has to take place in the real world.

The 12+1 phase power section generally represents a significant improvement on the previous Z370 lineup. And we know why you want to use i9-9900K so that this 12+1 phasing power segment offers enough power to enable you to use the full potential of your i9-9900K processor. Three PCIe slots are available, and they are all strengthened.

It is done to ensure that all modern GPUs you want to use are supported, leaving no restrictions behind. This motherboard can install six drives in total when it comes to storage. For blazing-fast SSDs there are 2 M.2 slots. The memory slots no. is another major advantage missing from the above motherboard.

Increased DIMM number means lower overclocking power. But it has more than enough overclocking power to satisfy the needs of most users. You sacrifice Wi-Fi for networking to have a Gigabit LAN.

7. Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro Wi-Fi

How can we forget you about budget motherboards for i9 9900K and especially when your budget is less than $200? The analysis was done, we made efforts and found the perfect build for people who had a budget of less than $200. And for i9 9900K less than $200 we call it the best motherboard.

It was difficult, but we did it. The Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro offers wireless Internet access. Yes, it has integrated Wi-Fi, which the previous listicle didn’t have. This motherboard is a better choice in terms of price.

Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro Wi-Fi
  • Supports 7 Fans
  • Magnetic Antenna included
  • Supports Windows 10 32 bit
  • Built-in Wi-Fi / Bluetooth 5.0
  • Bios could be improved

It has an LGA 1151 CPU socket with a Z390 Chipset, just as with other motherboards, that not only supports the Intel i9 9900K processor of 9th generation but also supports all the intellectual core processors of this series.

The slots for the dual-channel type and for the non-ECC type unbuffered memory are provided with 4 memory slots for RAM installation. It is fully ready for Intel Optane Memory and has a 12+1 digital VRM solution just like the above. Everything is almost the same as the latest motherboard, but the Wi-Fi on-board and Bluetooth 5.0 are worth considering.

After all, if your heart does not want to do so, you do not need to buy any outside Wi-Fi antenna or device. Have I mentioned that wireless internet is not common? It is a wireless solution for Intel’s next-generation that lets you have a Gigabit performance wireless connection—which wonders about speed? You can accelerate up to 1.73 Gbps, isn’t it cool? Finally, you can sense both a better, smoother gaming experience and a smooth one.

It comes in colors with a new RGB Fusion application, which gives you – the user – complete control over LEDs, as well as full support for RGB. For optimal performance, the system needs to be relaxed – we understood and already know it. But how does this motherboard solve this problem? Of course, with the powerful i9 9900K processor, you plan to do heavy work or play on this system.

So, lengthy processes put stress and pressure on the processor itself, which eventually not only heats up the processor but also on your hard disk. To resolve the problem, Gigabyte gives your M.2 SSD drives a cooling solution.

8. ASUS TUF Z390 Pro Gaming – Gaming Motherboard for i9 9900K

This pro gaming is a beast built by a well-known company, ASUS. The motherboard is for 8th and 9th generation processors, just like the above motherboards. The most compatible with these Intel Processors is the LGA 1151 CPU Socket and the Z390 Chipset.

The building components for this masterpiece are TUF components from the military-grade. You not only get TUF condensers, but also other components such as chokes and MOSFETs. All in all, gives the system dense durability and a sense of peace.

ASUS TUF Z390 Pro Gaming - Gaming Motherboard for i9 9900K
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Much Durable
  • Easy to Install
  • No. of RGB presets available
  • High Price

We understand that may be a bit confusing, but we will explain the following to clarify this and to give you an idea of how TUF can protect you. When we only talk of TUF capacitors, they are sufficiently able to tolerate an additional 20% of the temperature. For Wi-Fi, it has the Intel l219-V.

You would also have a dream just like every human being. Reading this may include having your extreme Gaming configuration, which can complete your room with RGB lights. The eyes look wonderful. This motherboard is compatible with all Aura-capable hardware to achieve this amazing and beautiful look.

This enables you to control the entire RGB lighting with simple synchronization checks, equipped with onboard RGB LEDs and Strips. It can be synchronized with any Aura hardware. They have an extensive range, which grows every day.

Best Motherboard for i9-9900K Buying Guide

When choosing the best motherboard for the i9-9900k processor, the number one priority of the builder should be to opt for one with the Z390 chipset. The Z390 motherboards are the best for i9-9900k processors. So, they would be earning a top spot on our list today. While looking at the best motherboard for i9-9900k we have to look at certain features which are stated below:


As the role of the motherboard in the PC is that of a central bridge, all the output and input devices along with the internal components must be connected to it. Thus, you should look for options for connectivity such as Wi-Fi connectivity, high-speed USB ports, USB C type ports, multiple slots for M.2, several RAM slots, and other things that ensure versatility in connectivity.


For using your i9-9900K CPU with a certain motherboard it has to be compatible with the chipset, and while you can use chipsets of entry-level. It is still recommended that you go with a Z390 motherboard for utilizing the CPU to the best of its potential. Thus, all of the motherboards mentioned here use the Z390 motherboard configuration, as this is the best motherboard configuration for the i9-9900K CPU.

Form Factor

When building a PC the builder can opt for multiple form factors, which include Mini ITX, Micro ATX, ATX, EATX motherboards, which have to match the size of your cabinet. You can always go for higher compatibility with the ATX motherboards, having larger size but offering more options for connectivity or you can go for an ITX board for a more compact build.


This was a long list of best motherboards for i9-9900k. For nearly every type of person, we included the best choice. Overall, the best, mid-term, gaming, business, and costly motherboards are available, as are high-quality choices. Look at the four choices below if you are still confused:

  • Asus ROG Strix Z390-E
  • EVGA Z390 Dark
  • ASUS TUF Z390 Pro Gaming
  • Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO

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